Akita Prefecture Sake Showcased at the Embassy of Japan in the UK

On February 3rd, over 300 guests were invited to the Embassy of Japan in the UK to explore the “empire of beautiful sake”, a name given to Akira prefecture, in the north of Japan. The aim of the evening was to introduce to London traders and sake fans to some Akita prefecture’s best quality sake, from the following breweries: Hideyoshi, Hinomaru, Fukurokuju, Harukasumi, Ginrin, Fukukomachi, and M&M/Osagekko.

Akita Prefecture ranks fourth in Japan for sake production volume, thanks to its pure underground soft water, fertile soil, and the pristine natural environment. As well as its sake, renowned for being soul-nourishing and flavoursome, Akita prefecture is known for its generous and welcoming hospitality, omotenashi in Japanese.

Talks by Hiromu Akita from Akita prefecture government, Natsuki Kikuya of the Museum of Sake and Kasia Hitchcock from Sam Sake, a specialist distributor of Akita prefecture, focused on the unique stories behind Akita sake, the craftsmanship and philosophy of the family brewing traditions from the region, and the importance of omotenashi culture in brewing and serving sake.

A selection of Akita sake, from seven leading breweries, was accompanied by canapés filled with unique Akita flavours. The growth of sake culture in London is progressively shaping consumer demand for quality sake and product knowledge, and the strong interest shown by guests at this evening was testament to this. Akita sake, including sake from some of the breweries showcased at this event, is available to buy in the UK from Sam Sake and from various other sake retailers and distributors.