Chelsea Draws Huge Crowd for the 10th Annual CFCC International Tasting Event

25th September 2018

This year was the 10th annual International Tasting Event, jointly organised by the Council of Foreign Chambers of Commerce (CFCC). The event was held at Centenary Hall at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea FC, on 25th September. Sixteen chambers of commerce took part and collectively filled the venue to capacity, with 450 guests attending in addition to more than 50 staff and suppliers.

After a steady start, the event exploded into a festival-like atmosphere and guests found themselves weaving through a forest of people, eagerly seeking out one of the watering holes they knew lay just ahead where they would discover drinkable delights from faraway lands. And they weren’t disappointed! This year’s event boasted a vast selection of beverages from all over the world, including beer, wine, cuvee, port, liqueur, rum, gin, grappa, vodka, tequila, and of course… Japanese sake!

This year, Sake Samurai UK led by Rie Yoshitake helped to arrange sake from Tazaki Foods. We’re proud to announce that the first and only chamber that managed to be drunk completely dry was ours! Japanese sake proved to be incredibly popular with guests again this year – a testament to our suppliers’ sake choices and the knowledge of their experts serving for the evening. The stand featured both still and sparkling sake, umeshu (a plum-based liqueur) and even a 30 year-old “aged sake”.

The event has become increasingly popular each year as it offers a fantastic opportunity for guests and suppliers to make new connections, share both business and social culture from their respective countries, and, of course, discover the amazing variety of drinks on offer from around the world. Sake Samurai UK are proud to be able to support such positive business and cultural exchange.