European Sake Summit at the Salon du Sake in Paris

31st Oct 2015

The Salon du Sake 2015, brainchild of Sylvain Huet (Sake Samurai and the founder of L’Academie du Sake), took place this October, building on the success of the first Salon in 2013.

Over the course of two days, more than 40 sake artisans flew their flags under one roof at the Centre du Congress in Paris, attracting sake lovers from throughout Europe. In addition to consumer tasting, an interesting series of seminars was led by a multi-cultural cohort of sake promoters, including Ake Nordgren from Sweden, Pablo Alomar Salvioni from Spain, Marco Massarotto from Italy, Vincent Muller from Belgium, Florence Muller from Luxembourg, Dick Stegewers and Silvain Huet from France, and Chris Ashton and Rie Yoshitake from UK.

Sake professional or aficionado, it is undeniable that the 2015 edition of Europe’s largest sake tasting forum was a remarkable way to round off a significant month in the sake calendar, which starts with the celebration of International Sake Day!