IWC 2015 Sake Trophy, and Great Value Sake Announcement

Following the Medal announcement last week, The International Wine Challenge and Sake Samurai have publicised the IWC 2015 Sake Trophies. Much-coveted Trophies were awarded to 7 category winners who will be shortlisted for the IWC 2015 Champion Sake on the 16th July. Including 10 regional trophies, a total of 17 trophies were awarded this year. The remarkable achievement by Tohoku region continued after winning 17 gold medals, and moved up to win 7 trophies together; Yamagata and Fukushima won 3 trophies independently. Also, the shortlist of the Great Value Sake Award sponsored by Sake Samurai has been announced and 3 sake from Futsushu, Honjozo and Junmai categories are now nominated for the final award.

Trophy List

Awards Sake name Producer Name
Futsu-shu Trophy Yumegokoro Yumegokoro Sake Brewery (Fukushima)
Nagano Futsu-shu Trophy Daisekkei Josen Daisekkei Sake Brewing (Nagano)
Honjozo Trophy Katafune Tokubetu Honjozo Takeda Shuzo (Niigata)
Yamagata Honjozo Trophy Ura-gasanryu Koka Shindo Sake Brewery (Yamagata)
Junmai Trophy Narutotai Kishu Mizu-to-Kome Honke Matsuura Brewing (Tokushima)
Fukushima Junmai Trophy Tokubetsu junmai Sasamasamune Sasamasamune Brewer (Fukushima)
Junmai Daiginjo Trophy Aizu Homare Banshu Yamada Junmai Daiginjo Homare Sake Brewery(Fukushima)
Fukuoka Junmai Daiginjo Trophy Miinokotobuki Junmai   Daiginjo Fuku Inoue Gomei (Fukuoka)
Saga Junmai Ginjo Trophy Junmai ginjyou-shu Munemasa -15 Munemasa Shuzo (Saga)
Ginjo /Daiginjo Trophy Kurozaemon Omachi Shindo Sake Brewery (Yamagata)
Wakayama Ginjo Daiginjo Trophy Kido Daiginjo Heiwa Shouzou (Wakayama)
Hiroshima Ginjo Daiginjo Trophy Ichidai Misen Daiginjo Shizukuzake Chugoku Jozo(Hiroshima)
Yamagata Ginjo Trophy Dewazakura Oka Ginjo Dewazakura Sake Brewery (Yamagata)
Ibraki Ginjo Daiginjo Trophy Aiyu Daiginjo Aiyu Shuzo (Ibaraki)
Sparkling Sake Trophy Ichinokura Suzune Wabi Ichinokura Co Ltd (Miyagi)
Koshu Trophy Born : Awakening of The Angel 2001 Katoukichebee Shouten (Fukui)
Hiroshima Koshu Trophy Hanahato Kijoshu aged for 8 years Enoki Shuzo (Hiroshima)

Great Value Sake Award Shortlist

Great Value Futsu-shu Yumegokoro Yumegokoro Sake Brewery
Great Value Honjozo Ginrei Gassan Honjozo Gassan Sake Brewery
Great Value Junmai Shichiken Hurinbizan Junmai Yamanashi Meijo Co.,Ltd

Please visit the links below for more details

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