IWC 2022 Award Winning Sake Tasting at the Embassy of Japan

8th July 2022

On the 8th July, the following day of the IWC Awards Dinner, Sake Samurai Association  hosted the annual IWC Award Winning Sake Tasting at the Embassy of Japan in London. This was the first physical sake event at the embassy since the pandemic started, and 11 sake makers including both champions from 2022 and 2021 flew to UK despite remaining travel restrictions back in Japan. The event was co-hosted by the Sake Samurai Association lead by Mr. Kazuhiro Maegaki and the Embassy of Japan in the presence of the Ambassador Hajime Hayashi and his wife.

This year, under current pandemic situation, the number of guests invited was smaller than previous years and we priotised the trade sector, but the outcome was said to be the most effective and professional given guests more time and space to communicate with sake makers in depth. In this crème-de-la-crème sake tasting, all sake makers were supported by UK’s key sake experts at their sake stations, and two-hours’ event provided such a high networking opportunity for those attended. We hope the deserved award winners found this evening stimulative and meaningful so that they can make the most of their trip to explore the international market for the future.

For sake lovers and supporters who could not attend this tasting at the embassy, Sake Samurai UK is planning to organise the grand IWC award winning sake tasting event for the public at the Japan House in October in coincide with the World Sake Day.  We will be showcasing all trophies and champion sake over last three years.