Sake Samurai Inauguration 2015

16 October 2015, Kyoto

The Sake Samurai Association has commemorated its 10th anniversary this year; with 7 individuals who have dedicated themselves in promoting the tradition and culture of Sake across the world, selected as Sake Samurai. The inauguration ceremony took place at the Shimogamo shrine in Kyoto on the 16th October.

The total number of Sake Samurai has now reached 60. With the growing popularity of Sake all over the world, their role as Sake ambassadors is as important as ever and we trust that they will pass on the rich Japanese history and beautiful culture as well as Sake as Kokushu, the National beverage.

The recipients of the honour are as follows;

Tatsuya Iida Alexander – Adega de Sake (Brazil)

Shigeo Oguri – Cool Japan Chubu Area / CEO of Toyota Nagoya (Japan)

Natsuki Kikuya –   Museum of Sake (UK)

Eiji Sugihara – Dai Nippon Printing (Japan)

Sachiyo Suzuki – SCS Trading (Thailand)

Junichi Murata – the Japanese Culture of Sake and Cuisine ( Japan)

Marcus Pakiser – Young’s Market Company (US)