Ambassador OKU Memorial Rugby Cup

Richmond Athletic Ground, 17th November 2018

Thirteen years from the date that the late Ambassador Katsuhiko Oku was tragically killed on his mission in Iraq, friends and family gathered together to honour his memory by playing the game that he loved. The occasion was organised by Mr Reg Clerk, CEO of Rhino Group, who recalls Ambassador Oku as a “truly remarkable man”.

Mr. Oku had been serving in his capacity as a Counselor at the British Embassy in Tokyo when he was deployed to Iraq to help with the reconstruction assistance. It was during this time that Mr Oku passed in service of his country.

The late ambassador was also known as an avid lover of rugby. After graduating from Waseda University, he went on to play at Oxford University. It is to celebrate his service and his passion for rugby that the Oku Cup will continue to be celebrated, now in its thirteenth year. Sake Samurai are honoured to help celebrate the memory of the Ambassador each year, and this year were supported by Mr Koichi Saura of Urakasumi Brewery in Sendai. Urakasumi is known for its classic, light and clean tasting premium sake.