Celebrating World Sake Day by tasting IWC 2022 trophy winners and the champion sake

1st October, Japan House London

After the previous two annual events were cancelled, IWC 2022 Sake tasting is finally back for the general public. This year the event was held at Japan House London on World Sake Day.

Sake was served free – all being finalists at the IWC 2022, and with some varieties not yet readily available in the UK market. Very keen fans visited the venue to taste the rare sake and celebrated the special day with other sake enthusiasts.

Making the experience even more special, UK experts explained the background behind each sake to the visitors, broadening their appreciation. It was wonderful to see so many people raise a glass of sake and celebrate in this way after two years of challenging Covid restrictions.

World Sake Day, or Nihonshu no Hi, started in 1978 as a day to mark the start of the new sake brewing year – celebrating everyone in the industry from rice farmers to brewery workers. It has now become a global celebration and an occasion to raise a toast with sake together.