Sake Samurai Inauguration 2020, 21 and 22

27th September, Matsuo Taisha Shrine, Kyoto

Each year, the Sake Samurai Association selects a number of men and women, who have shown dedication to promoting the tradition and culture of sake, to be inaugurated as Sake Samurai. These committed sake communicators are chosen from candidates living and working in all parts of the world, and in many different fields.

This year’s inauguration is very special. Due to the pandemic, the last two inauguration ceremonies were suspended, so all of the past inaugurators were gathered from around the world. In the ceremony 12 new members were added to the community.

After the ceremony, the event moved on to a grand banquet with Geiko at Kyoto Cuisine Restaurant Takeshigero to celebrate the esteemed inaugurators.

The newly added inaugurators are as follows:


Mr. Keiichiro Miyagawa, President of Galerie K Paris

Mr. Thuizat Xavier, Chefe Sommelier of Hotel de Crillon

Mr. Michael Ou, President of Shineeteem

Mr, Kenny Yang, CEO of Shuhei Shobo

Mr. Motohiro Okoshi, Official Sommelier of International A.S.I SOmmelier Diploma and Educator of WSET SAKE Level 3


Mr. Masayuki Okuda, President of Al chevhano, Italian restaurant

Mr. Ofer Yoram, President of Sake bar Yoram, Kyoto

Mr, Chris Ashton, Management director at WineLogistics


Mr. Shiro Izawa, Owner of Shiragane Toritama

Mr. Hiraku Ogura, Fermentation Designer and Owner of a Fermentation Department

Ms. Kiwako Kurashima, Editor of Koten Sakaba Magazine

Ms. Simone Mynard, Founder of SAKE MISTRESS, and Kampai with Toji