Sake and the City

17th November 2017, London Capital Club

The Sake and Shochu Makers Association (JSS) hosted a sake lecture and tasting event for finance professionals at the London Capital Club. The Club is a private members club based in the heart of London and provided a beautiful setting for sharing sake culture.

Akashi-Tai Sake Brewery and Miyasaka Sake brewery supported this event along with two distributors (World Sake Imports and JFC).

Following a greeting by Hiroshi Inouchi of the JSS and an introduction to sake by Rie Yoshitake, each guest enjoyed a selection of sake paired with Japanese food. The sparkling, yuzu and plum sakes were big hits with those gathered.

Sake List

Akashitai Daiginjo
Akashitai Yuzu
Akashitai Sparkling
Masumi “Okuden Kantsukuri”
Masumi “Hiyaoroshi”
Dewazakura “Tobiroku”
Tamagawa “Red Label”
Ippongi ‘Denshin Yuki’
Ippongi ‘Ginkoban Hannyatou’
Choryu ‘Taruzake’