Sake at the launch of ‘The Bridge’ to a future renaissance

Florence, Italy, 23rd Oct 2023

Sake Samurai UK has been endeavouring to outreach new audience for sake in various fields besides drink industries such as sports, arts, music, fashion, entertainments, etc.   In October, I was given a rare opportunity to introduce sake to the world influential musicians and artists at the launching of ‘The Bridge’, a project to strengthen a partnership between two cities of Florence and Kyoto.  A Japanese pianist Aisa Ijiri founded this meaningful project to kick off next year.

At a beautiful renaissance town of Florence looking over the undulating sea of red roofs from the Hotel Tornabuoni.  Heavensake took a breath away from the attendees as they raised the glass with a big Kampai toast. By a bartender on the terrace, sake was beautifully served in stylish containers accompanied by japanese canapes, and gathered the upmost complements of the event. My thankfulness goes to my friend Aisa Ijiri and her team. I am truly looking forward to our collaboration in the new year.