Sake Pairing seminar by Marie Chiba

Kampai Brewery, London, 20th November 2023

Marie Chiba, Japan-based sake sommelier and a Sake Samurai, gave her first sake pairing seminar in the UK, and sake experts and enthusiasts were invited at London’s new site of Kampai sake brewery.  Marie is known as a leading authority of sake and food matching which is becoming an increasing popular subject especially in overseas market.  Marie, paired up with another Sake Samurai Natsuki Kikuya, gave shared her invaluable depth of knowledge with the attendees of the eve, and proved sake’s enormous compatibility with universal cuisine beyond sushi.

Akemi Yokoyama, London-based food expert, created Marie’s iconic dishes for the event.  We enjoyed some of Marie’s dynamic recipes such as using tuna, chocolate, balsamic vinegar, namazake pickles and mint on the one dish. We thank Tom Wilson, the owner of Kampai brewery, for offering some exciting sake freshly created at his new premises.