Photography by Andi Sapay

Sake evening at the Sainsbury Institute, Norwich

The Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures was founded in 1999 through the generosity of Sir Robert and Lady Sainsbury, to promote knowledge and understanding of Japanese arts and cultures and is based in the picturesque Cathedral Close in Norwich.

As a part of the Friends of the Sainsbury Institute programme, a Sake Tasting and Talk event was held on 8 April, giving the Institute’s supporters an opportunity to learn about sake from an expert in an informal and friendly atmosphere, and to enjoy tasting different kinds of sake, which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

After a welcome drink of popular sparkling sake MIO by Takara shuzo, Rie Yoshitake gave an informative presentation on sake, its production and history in the library looking over the beautiful cherry blossoms in the courtyard. Then, Rie and the head of the Institute, Mami Mizutori, jointly facilitated the tasting sessions in smaller groups to show how to enjoy various types of sake.

The guests consisted of members of the Friends of the Sainsbury Institute and academics who were attending the international workshop being held at the Institute. This event was oversubscribed due to its popularity and around 50 guests enjoyed the event. Rie Yoshitake, the representative of Sake Samurai Association to the UK, is committed to promoting sake internationally and will be pleased to undertake similar sake events on request to spread the word about sake and Japanese culture.