Sake meets new audience at the British Library

25th May 2022

On the 25th May, Rie Yoshitake was invited to take part in the panel discussion ‘Sake, Umesh and Yuzushu’ in the Food Season pavilion at the British Library, London. This was the first time sake was introduced to the audience of this established organisation, and the result was beyond expectations and greatly appreciated by both organisers and attendees. Tom Wilson from Kampai London and Risa Ishikawa from Umeshuya joined Rie to share their knowledge and personal stories of sake. We feel the interest in sake has accumulated faster over last two years during Covid while people were isolating and quietly appreciating different types of alcohol at home.

Professor Fabio Gygi from SOAS hosted the panel discussion and threw captivating questions to presenters and audience.  Time was never enough when it came to learning about the 2000-year-old history of sake and its diversity of varieties and various ways of enjoyment.  After the talk session, the guests were invited to a fascinating tasting journey.  Sparkling, ginjo, nigori, kijoshu, umeshu, yuzushu and very rare 50-year-old koshu (aged sake) pleased the palates of the guests in the summer-like warm evening. It is vital for sake to meet new audiences and we heartily thank Polly Russel and her team at the British Library for organising such a fun and rewarding evening.  We will be back next year.