Sake hosted art lovers

Kyosai exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts

15th March 2022

Kyosai Kawanabe, a Japanese ukiyo-e painter in 19 C, was an eccentric genius who had a reputation as a heavy sake drinker with a reckless spirit. Quite righteously, sake was served at the opening party to the distinguished guests to celebrate the artist’s intoxicating talents. JFOODO kindly sponsored this long-awaited Japanese exhibition, and a selection of sake was showcased at the reception and sold at the in-house shop. It is fascinating to see the gradual but steady emergence of Japanese national drink in the quintessential British scenes like RA. We feel particularly excited to outreach those new audience and offer their first sip of delicious sake in life. Well done for JFOODO team for introducing sake to the new audience.

This was a special opening party for the exclusive members of the Royal Academy. The ambassador of Japan, Mr Hajime Hayashi and the president Ms Rebecca Salter gave opening speeches and a kampai toast echoed in the acoustic historical building.