The Japan Society Xmas party 2023

7th December 2023

The Japan Society in the UK ( has been closely associated with Sake Samurai UK over a few years as Rie Yoshitake being the trustee of the organisation.  Sake and Shochu seminars and dinners were offered to the members regularly.  On the 23rd December at the ball room of the Embassy of Japan, the annual Xmas Party welcomed 150 guests with a vigorous and elegant sparkling sake MIO generously sponsored by Takara Shuzo.  The team of Tazaki food join-forced Sake Samurai UK team to serve numerous styles of IWC Award winning sake  explaining about each brands and subtle taste.   The sake stand is surrounded by both sake lovers and new comers who want to take the opportunity to look for their favourite style.  Sake is an ideal drink for networking at parties as it has a magical power to open up conversations between strangers.  In 2024, more sake and Shochu events are to be offered.