La Sake Vita – Sake meets Roman cuisine

3rd October 2023

Prior to the main event at the Cavalieri Hotel, sake delegates from Japan, UK, France and all over from Italy are united at a traditional Roman restaurant Volpetti for a networking dinner. The Japanese ambassador Mr. Suzuki welcomed us with both ‘kampai ‘and ‘Cin-cin’ as proverb goes, ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’.

The night was not only to share the comradeship in sake trade, but to enjoy the compatibility between sake and the roman cuisine, which we had not doubt of success firmly believing in that sake does not get into fight with food. As six-course typical Roman dishes were served with different sake at each course, we could not believe how beautifully and naturally sake can pair up with oyster granita, ham, pumpkin risotto, creamy pasta, lamb and tiramisu. It was beyond our expectation!  Our special thanks Kana Cappelli, Marco Massarotto and Marco Sabelico, the editor of Gambero Rosso for preparation and supporting the event.