Sake Night at London Business School

London Business School (LBS), 4th February 2020

It’s been five years since Sake Samurai UK started to Sake Night at the London Business School. This year we gained the full cooperation of the Japanese Sake and Shochu Association, hosting an evening of warm and vibrant hospitality with a variety of sake served to one hundred young elites who will assume leadership in the next generation.

The event contained a sake seminar and tutoring tasting, followed by networking over sake and sushi. Jun Kono from Sohomare brewery arrived from Japan for the evening and spoke about Japanese sake culture, and  Asami Tasaka from World Sake Imports and Miho Komatsu from Akashitai explained about the eight different types of sake being tasted on the day.

There are a couple of reasons why this event becomes the prime activity in promoting public awareness of sake. The school have a Japanese club and the year one students are assigned to organise the event as committee members. The know-how has been passed on to the team who organise the following year. The event has been popular among students with many studying the event as a research project. Another reason is many students are in advanced higher education and they tend to be willing to purchase sake. Sake Night has become such a popular event at the LBS, in fact, one hundred tickets were sold out within an hour. We have been impressed with the sincere efforts of the committee every year, and I hope we will keep supporting this great event for many years to come.