Sake showcase at International Grain Conference

London, 19th June 2023

Sake Samurai is pleased to support the International Grain Conference where Japan invited members to the lunch as a host country with beautiful allay of Kaiseki cuisine and Japanese drinks. Over 250 guests from member countries were introduced to sake, the Japan’s indigenous alcoholic beverage made from rice grain, which could not have been more appropriate for the conference. Lunch was created by Mr Daisuke Hayashi, the executive chef at Roketsu restaurant, reproducing the same menu as the G7 Hiroshima Summit held in May. As the sake glass was raised for a kampai toast, the Japanese government representative explained that sake plays a vital role for the hospitality joining the hearts of people as one by drinking together.

This international conference has been particularly meaningful for raising the awareness of sake amongst developing countries like Africa and South America. As our mission, we are constantly looking forward to opportunities to introduce sake its culture to those who are not familiar yet.