Oxford Nippon Dining Black Tie Dinner

10th February 2017, Oxford University

Every year, the Oxford Nippon Dining Club hosts a much anticipated black-tie dinner at the University.

Members belonging or related to the Japanese Faculty gather for supper and a few drinks, putting work aside to enjoy a relaxing evening with members of the faculty.

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Cambridge University Anglo-Japanese Society introduces sake to members

3rd Jan 2017, Cambridge

Sake Samurai UK, administrated by Yoshitake & Associates, is pleased to enter into a working partnership with the Cambridge University Anglo-Japanese Society (CUAJS) to develop UK-Japan relations and mutual understanding. For the launch event, a jointly organised sake tasting evening was held.

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Gekkeikan Master Cooking Competition 2017

29th January 2017,  London

After its debut in 2016, Japan Centre hosted its second sake themed “Gekkeikan Master Cooking Competition”, which is designed to promote the concept of “Sake to Eat”.

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Sake educator award at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust

23rd January, The Guild Hall

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust is undoubtedly the world largest wine, spirit and sake education body spreading across 73 countries. In 2016 over 72.000 candidates took WSET qualifications and the award giving ceremony took place in the flagship city, London at the Guild Hall.  It was encouraging for the sake industry to witness several awards went to sake related organization and personalities.

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Sake and Washoku Promotion Dinner at Cambridge University

21st January 2017, Corpus Christi College Cambridge University

After two years of planning, Sake Samurai UK held a long-awaited and hugely successful Sake and Washoku cuisine dinner at Cambridge University.  This was made possible by Dr Barak Kushner, Reader in Japanese history, who helped to orchestrate and host the event at his college.  Without his efforts the event would not have been possible, Sincere thanks also to the Japan Embassy in London, Mr Hiranaka, Mr Karasawa and Minister Iida, who sponsored the evening’s splendid dinner.

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Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry New Year Party

8th January, Drapers Hall in the City

Japanese people traditionally celebrate the new year by sipping sacred sake which has been offered to the gods at local shrines, known as omiki.  Sake was originally used purely as a libation, but over time came to be enjoyed by ordinary people, in the course of day to day life.

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Emperor’s Birthday Celebration

13th Dec 2016, Embassy of Japan in the UK

The celebration of Emperor Akihito’s birthday is always the most well attended event at the Japanese embassy in London. This year, over three hundred guests came together to celebrate His Imperial Majesty’s 83rd year.

The Sake Samurai Association has always been a proud supporter of this event, serving delicious Japanese Sake to embassy guests.

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Sake unites the hearts of sports lovers: Oku Memorial Rugby Cup

3rd December 2016, Richmond

On 29th November 2016, Ambassador Koji Tsuruoka awarded the Foreign Minister’s Commendation to Mr Reg Clark, CEO of Rhino Rugby, for his contribution to the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and the UK through rugby.

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Exploring new market for sake in Latvia

15th November 2016

While the Japanese Embassy in the UK has been working hard to promote Sake and Japanese culture for many years, Japanese embassies across the world are beginning to follow its example.

After a careful and lengthy preparation between the Embassy of Japan in Latvia and the Sake Samurai UK, on the 15th November, a Japanese Sake Presentation and Tasting was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Riga, the Latvian capital.

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